Sunday, August 21, 2016

Theres more than just choppers...

I know were always posting chopper shit it always seem to be bike this bike that and I am sure everyone is wondering if we have lives aside from the garage. Skating is something that I have always loved. There is just something about flying around on four wheels that I can't seem to get enough of. Skatings something I've done for close to 5 years now some people may think thats a lot of time but compared to Jordan thats nothing. The dudes been shredding for a solid 18 years now and still throws down every time we roll down to the park. On a typical Friday night you can find the two of us down at the park having a few cold ones and usually catching a nice grind or launch but are always good for a good slam to. One of our good friends Cole Jewett is a very talented skateboarder and skilled photographer. These are some of his photos that he shot of Jordan and myself and on a Friday night a little while back.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Camera

After years of shooting only film, I finally caved and bought a digital camera. It's a used, but barely used Canon SL1. All my old digital lenses fit, and i'm starting to get the hang of it. Just had it out a few times, Ryan, Lorne and I cruised out to Hawkstone. Somehow Frank spotted us and caught up with us on the dock. Still don't have any editing software so this is how the images turned out.

Fast Times Camping

Had an incredible opportunity to try out some 2016 Harleys for an article in Fast Times magazine.We had 3 Sportsters; the new Roadster 1200, 883 Iron, and 1200 48, a street 500, and two bigtwins.. We rode up to the camp spot through sand, gravel, puddles and a few small streams. The article is now out, and you can pick up a copy at Chapters, Shoppers, some Macs. These are a few 35mm shots I took over the two days. Some shots from the Canon EOS and some from the old Ricoh.