Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Only God

I have been meaning to do this for a while now I am actually disappointed in myself to be quite honest that it has taken so long for me to create this. When I first met Jordan back in 2012 I remember talking about choppers and him opening me up to this heroin like addiction of choppers and all that comes with it. As we became better friends we started to talk about music and it was hear that I was introduced to something that  altered my life forever. Jordan asked me if I listened to Motorhead. I was unsure of the band and told him that I had honestly never heard of them and remember the disbelief in his face when I made this comment. Jordan immediately put the Ace of Spades on in the shop and my ears literally began to melt. I was unsure of what I was listening to and had never heard anything like it before but also knew that I liked it. From that day forward it was over my music life had been consumed by Motorhead repeating the lyrics playing the songs over and over I could not get enough of that bass guitar and that speed driven rhythm. One night Jordan and myself were playing records on the old Thoren when he asked if I had heard the No Sleep Till Hammersmith album when I replied with no he immediately placed side A down and let the needle ride. The house was screaming I couldn't believe what I was hearing at the end of the album I thought holy fuck that was a concert that someone got to witness and was simply mind blown.
After this point I was trying to get my hands on anything Motorhead I could watching documentaries, live concerts and interviews. My life had been consumed by a band and their music, lifestyle and views on life its self.
Jordan and myself always said that if Motorhead ever came back to Canada we would be there no matter what we would not miss that show. Jordan had already seen Lemmy and the band before when he was younger and had always told me the stories of that performance and how it was absolutely legendary. On a warm summer day in the early summer of 2015 I received a message from Jordan that simply was a poster. Looking at it I was confused as to why he had sent this it had bands like Weezer and other shitty bullshit music that I was insulted by but then I saw it. Motorhead in capitals was presented on the sheet and was to play on the headlining Saturday. I nearly lost my mind I was finally going to see Motorhead, Jordan found weekend passes and on September 25th 2015 I witnessed the God himself. The show was amazing we fought our way to the front and was there for the entire show Lemmy even looked right at us at one point. That was an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life.
I had always toyed with the idea of a Motorhead tattoo but wasn't really sure what I wanted or where to put it. I brought the idea up to Jordan one day and he to agreed that it was a good idea and decided that the war pig would be very appropriate to get on the ankle. On a Sunday in December I joined the lifetime Motorhead fan club and listened to No Sleep Till Hammersmith while I was covered with my lifetime commitment.
On a winter December night Jordan, Jim and myself had decided to sit down at the kitchen table and listen to records and indulge in some beers. The record player was going playing all kinds of different songs. Jordan had gotten Jim a bottle of Jack Daniels for Christmas and had proceeded to open it up and pour shots for the table. Things began to liven up and got to the point of chugging straight from the bottle. Then Jordan put the No Sleep Till Hammersmith on and the house went mental. We finished the entire bottle and had the amp cranked to max the house was shaking and we were screaming with Lemmy.
That afternoon I was delivered with the news that Lemmy had past away that evening. I was traumatized it was as if I had lost a family member. Then I began to think how strange it was that we had smashed a bottle of jack and blown Jordans amp and speakers listening to that album it was if Lemmy was right there partying with us.
If you have read this far I am impressed I really do not know what to call this or what it actually is but I feel that it is important that people know the story behind what this band has done to me. Motorhead taught me to not give one single fuck about what people think of me or what they said about me. Lemmy taught me to do what ever I want and not give a single fuck about anything else and I thank him for that.
I guess you could say that this is a thank you to Lemmy and Phil and Eddie for creating something so amazing and changing my life. Lemmy you will always be considered a god to me and the world will not be same without you and your bass.
Hoping your living fast and loose up there.