Monday, October 31, 2011


today I got out on the bike and took the long way to work! man this thing is fun to ride....10 days off and I forgot how much I love riding motorbikes

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ain't she pretty.

New carb also arrived today!

Cat tails

New light arrived in the mail today.
Pal likes it.


Dude added stash tubes to the bottom of the bars.....SUPER RAD IDEA

Monday, October 24, 2011

Half Frames and a Whole Season

I've been anticipating this roll of film for some time now. It was in the half frame camera basically all season, a couple photos from yesterday even. For sure some forgotten gems, and a few other beauties too.

the first time we scoped out the camping spot up north.
the sandy island we slept on is still underwater.

a gang of four wheelers admiring our sporty trail riding.
and lee doing what he does best.
all beside a fire that was lit when we got there.
what a spot.
after we re-arranged the bikes for the photo shoot.
some interesting gack.

what happens when I take the first half of the frame in my pocket.

i believe this to be one of our first tours with Lorne.
Drew and Lorne's rides

same day.
me and lee

our first visit to the crows nest barber shop.
i like how this one turned out.

two of our stops on the highway when we tried going to Vermont.

sweet ride at the gas station.
and a rock.

me and Lee in the U. S. and A.
minus Drew.

friday the 13th, making a fun stop.
with Chris, Jay, Lee, Drew and Myself.
note the sling shot.


arriving at the cottage.
this turned into a fun weekend.

artsy wall shot.

two big fellas.

andy's leisure dive.
what a beaut.

some sun beams through the trees on route to the falls.

danger Drew putting his life on the line for the shot.

this is just great.
thats all.

camping at sundown, ya its sideways I know.

some leafin' in fall.

green to red technology.

this little duet shows what happens if you don't properly place your camera gear aside.
when taking a photo of a dirt burner.
i laughed, I cried.

nice fall shot.

train trackin'.

double engine duo, sideways yes.

yesterday, finally got out after weeks of rain for a team shred.
it's Lorne, Harley, and Drew standing by while I look for just the right angle.

one of my favs from the roll.
check out the barb wire into the tree action.


a water burner.
and the close up.

All in all pumped on this roll!