Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Been ready for a minute, finally got them today!  now I just have to get them to you dudes!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waterfall Shower

Ride out to eugenia falls, about an hour out from Collingwood. Had to do a super steep decent down to the river and followed it up stream for probably another hour of mini waterfalls, jumps, log bridges, and other awesome climbs. I knew I was short on camera memory so I had to conserve for a shot of the falls. Finally we arrive at the falls, and its amazing. Just as I am about to get wet, the camera memory card fills up and the video fun ends. I did however get a full soak in, and rode home with wet shoes.
Finally, sorry about the shaky footage, had the goprah dangling in the window of my bars.Make sure to turn on HD, giving it a try.


MT is makin a Music Video and the boys need 4-5 bikes for the shoot on september 24th and we potentially get some riding shots to open the show!!
WHO'S COMING WITH ME! I'm excited.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camping in 35mm

Some photos from bush whackin'. Cool light leaks, and some grainy night shots!

Pack em' up!
Ride em, ft. ligt burn
ready for close up
Shadow racer!
some nice trees
nicely focused
not as nicely focused
spot scouting
this turned out great!
camp is up, sun is down
Beach camp
park here
Flashlight lighting
black rivin'
night art
Some amazing spider dogs
gotta rotate this but, its also nice
Ravioli cooking lacrosse racquet
some fire back there
this is two pictures on top of eachother, neat huh


camera man is ready to ride


camp site numero uno

there is the sandy beach of fun, no longer under water



Hard to see but Drew the hunter gatherer came back across this pretty big drop and over a small creek with way to much wood on his back. NICE DIG HOMIE

Sandy benches

we jammed back to the original camp site we found earlier in the season. This time packed and ready to camp! we showed up at the first site and realize across the water there was a beach that looked perfect to set up shop (it was covered in water last time we were there) made for a really relaxing funny night! huge camp fire, semi cold sodas and some cleaver JG techniques on how to heat up ravioli and build benches made of sand.

next time we need to double the crew. great ride team, can't wait for next weekend!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

No School Choppers

personally like old stuff! I think part of why i like things that are old, is because things were built to last and you could make a deal on your word or hand shake. I was a time where you built a good product, charged a fair price and stood behind what you sold! I also thought that these days were over and there was no such thing as a honest company that would do everything in there power, no questions asked to help a customer in need. Ok enough with all that, what i am really trying to say is i am the happiest customer in the world with no school choppers! I bought a 1928 ford , model A taillight. After a few weeks of enjoying my new tail light i was on my way home from Lornes and i heard something that sounded like i was dragging my taillight down the road. Turns out, i was! After a closer inspection, i found that the bracket had broke! I managed to get the bike home and when i did, i looked for a reason why it broke and it appeared to have a flaw in the metal ( not in the manufacturing) so i thought that i would contact the company i purchased it from online. I really figured i was SOL! To my surprise i was contacted right away by a guy named Jason who was beyond helpful! He was genuinely concerned with his customer! THIS IS UNHEARD OF ANYMORE! Not only did he replace the taillight, but sent me more than i could have asked for. One of those things was a sticker which is now proudly on my motorcycle! Oh and did i mention that it is the best price you will find on a beautiful product! I could go on forever, but what i really cant stress enough is, if you want the coolest shit for your scoot look no farther! Thanks Jason, i am a customer for life!


if any of this gear falls off on the ride to the camp site...well it's just one less thing i need to set up! 

my biggest concern is how do we keep the beers coldish