Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new bars! and beers!

someone at work just gave me these beers

virgin bikes

this is before anything was done to mine and jordos bike this summer, stock & lame!

cut and paste


4 months and 15000km  later it's time to have some with this weapon......twisting bolts is almost as fun as shredding......almost

Rock Tape

I finally got my new bars from a homie (Max Holzman) the day before a lazy rip down to London town with the boys. I jammed them on and realize the brake line wasn't long enough, I used words like "fuck it" zip tied the brake line to the bars took the brake lever off and we hit the road front brake free. few hours in to this ride JG let me know my brake light was on full time so we stopped to fix it.....Drew said only 2 words "Rock Tape"  and sure enough 2 months later I just took (rock tape) off my bike,   gota love the quick fix that lasts. Thanks for your brilliant ideas man haha and duct tape

Bike Videos

Killin' Bugs from JordanGlenn on Vimeo.

There are alot of bike videos out there, the camera point of view is usually always different and can make or break the video. Here is a link to the first time I filmed. I used a hand strap and flipped it forwards and backwards to try to capture everything that was awesomeness. Hopefully it makes you want to get out and kill some bugs yourself. Whelp go ahead and click that link to my first video.
bikes are gone to london, ready for us to tear them apart and make them cooler!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today it begins

I can honestly say I never in 100 years thought I'd be a "blogger"......looks like some things have changed!!
 Here we go! welcome to Forklock