Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garb's Softail

Garb stopped by today and he had just picked up his bike. Had it imported from Cali

it's got some pretty cool little add ons

including a couple amps and four speakers... it's pretty damn loud!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Liam and Lee took off this weekend so I had some time on my hands not riding
made these little beauties out of some re-bar Liam left at my place
took the chrome shields off my pipes and wrapped them up. Got a new air cleaner from Lowbrow too
she looks pretty good now all dolled up! just need to grab my headlight from Lorne and I'm back... Oh ya, I saw this today hahahahahahaha
at least he wasn't wearing the shirt too!

Friday, June 14, 2013

 A new springer.
 An old school springer.
 Terry's new sissy bar.
 Frank's concept with a slight tweak on cross bar by me.
 The execution of the concept.
 The completion.
 My new sissy bar.
 My new 2 into 1 exhaust.
 Frank's new Green Machine.
Softail with new wheel and fairing.
A shameless plug here.
Hope it's okay.
I'm now open for business!
9 Ferndale Dr. N. Barrie
705 503-idv8 (4388)

Thanks to Brent for opening his gas station just for us! We were almost out of gas and knocked on the door to his house. He turned on the pumps and helped out 14 bikers in need. Cool guy!

 Getting ready for a fire.
 Fire is a go.
 No smiles the next morning. Nobody slept as good as they partied.
 Smiles starting to come back.
 Someone's breakfast was forgotten by staff. Oops. Poor hungry Lindsay!
See you all next time. It was fun!

Monday, June 10, 2013

video soon...

Second Annual Ride to Camp

Camp out was a huge success! Couple bikes went down but everyone made it out...Huge thanks to Lyndsay Westfall who brought her digital camera and let me steal her pics for this blog post. Edit is on the way, maybe even a few screen shots.

Beer Store MeetnGreet

stop sign shuffle

last years spot still under water 

Harlos minus headlight

some of tent city

some of tent city constrution

plotting the next gather

Gatherers gathering

More of tent city

dont forget gas fires

perfect form 

Franks tent touchdown pass

best ever

good base

lee gathering

harlos has got wood too

Tent city

the village in, everyone is watching the 4 at the end eat

sunday brunch

 what a fine looking group

Can't wait for the next one!